Views From The Library, 2016 (Canon 550D)
A figure searches for a book at the Birmingham Library as the light behind pours down on her.
Charlotte, 2017 (Canon AE-1, Fugifilm Superia 200)
This was my first shoot with Charlotte, and relatively close to the beginning of our friendship, It was an insightful experience to shoot her as it highlighted, to me, how well she could adapt and give herself an aura of confidence, even when feeling uncomfortable. In just a short amount of time, roughly 15-20 minutes, I learned so much about her as a person.
Sinead, 2017 (Canon 550D)
My sister Sinead has a condition called Down syndrome, while she may look like butter wouldn't melt, she has a feisty side that will blow you away, during this shoot, I only prompted her where to look, she did the rest. while these may not be the best of images in terms of aesthetic, these have to be my favourite captured to this day.
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